Har-El Annual Women’s Retreat

No doubt you knew someone who attended the 14th Annual Har-El Women’s Retreat that was held Sunday, January 14th. Hostess were Andy and Marylynn Gladstein. Their commitment has spanned a decade.
     The gathering drew Har-El members as well as members of Beth Shalom, Sun City Jewish Congregation, Temple Isaiah and Temple Sinai. Presidents of the Jewish Federation and the Jewish Men’s Outreach Group of the Desert as well as their board members were also present.
     They came to be both entertained and educated. Of course, not to mention that waiting for their arrival were ten committee members dressed in white blouses and black slacks with warm croissants and hot coffee. The day’s mood was a step into the past and to learn more about “Mobsters and Mitzvot” and how this impacted Las Vegas.
     In the theatre of one hundred seats the audience settled in and became serious. 
     The presentation were given by Marcie Kaufman, Director of Special Projects at the Mob Museum, Las Vegas, Nevada and Rosa Weinstein, an anthropologist who holds a Master’s Degree in Liberal Studies.
     Ms. Kaufman caught everyone’s attention when she elaborated on the Mob Museum and said: “While it’s called The Mob Museum, it is in fact the National Museum of Organized Crime and Law Enforcement, a serious history museum that shows both sides of the story. Rather than glorifying gangsters, the Museum aims to provide an evenhanded approach to the mob, the police work required to put a stop to their illegal activities, and the impact made on our society.”
     With an outstanding video and prepared commentary, Kaufman opened the doors of the Museum to the audience and left everyone wanting to drive or fly to Las Vegas and participate in the “hands-on” learning experience.
     Mrs. Weinstein presented history and anecdotes on the Jewish mobsters, often bringing humor and sensitivity and, at the same time, expressing seriousness about crimes committed.
     The presentations were followed by the conclusion of the Silent Auction, Ha-Motzi, and a seated light brunch. The group attending, collectively, developed a personality that clearly was one of creating community.
Everyone left with a sweet taste in their mouths. Six-inch black and white cookies, baked by Sherman’s Deli were distributed to each guest as they departed the event.