Bi-Monthly Comment Box

We can be proud of having within our membership a woman author who has just published her latest work “Did You Really? A Game Without Rules—A Memoir.” This book, available on Amazon, demands a read and a discussion among book clubs. It touches the very soul of both men and women of all ages.


Dorys Forray, a mother, grandmother and great-grandmother as well as a member of the first women’s Bat Mitzvah class in Har-El is viewed as a truly special person by her fellow congregants. Why is this?
In Dorys’ latest book, “Did You Really?” the author allows us to review her entire life: her early years, her first marriage and its later unhappiness, her eventual divorce and starting a new life with a loving, caring husband.


ON REQUEST DORYS SENT A CHAPTER FROM another book, a chapter titled “The Ancient City” in which the author shares an experience from her visit to Israel and the Old City of Jerusalem.
In this excerpt, Dorys relates how she wandered into the Old City, passing from the Jewish Quarter into the Muslim Quarter. While looking into the various shops, she makes the acquaintance of a young Muslim Arab man named Neil, an antique dealer, who invites her to have coffee with him. Later, Dorys goes with Neil to another shop where he shows her beautiful silver menorahs and gives her a gift of a Hamsa (a good luck amulet in both Jewish and Muslim folk culture).
Dorys tells how Neil escorts her back to the King David Hotel. On the way, she spots
a handmade vase from a shopkeeper friend of Neil. After leaving his shop, they continue to have a pleasant visit as well as share some halvah. Dorys even has the opportunity to sit on the back of a camel where she observes: “What’s a little girl from Brooklyn, New York doing sitting on the back of a camel halfway across the world in a desert housing the country of Israel?”
They finally end up at the King David Hotel where the Rabbi, as tour leader, is talking to the group. After Dorys thanks Neil for a lovely afternoon, he insists on coming up to her hotel room. Dorys strongly demurs and they part friends.
But, as Dorys relates, that is not the end of the story. They had exchanged telephone numbers and, after Dorys’ return to the U.S., Neil called her every Sunday. She sent Neil’s two young children books and he sent her items she had selected including the handmade vase that sits in her shower back in the Desert.
Dorys writes: “And like all things distance plays a big part; the phone calls slowly ended as did the unusually one minute totally intriguing friendship.”
This captivating vignette that Dorys narrates, shows her skill as a writer and story-teller.
As a P.S. to this episode, Dorys tells how the men in her group severely chastised her the next day on the tour, telling her that she put herself in harm’s way by being friendly to a young Arab man that she did not know. Dorys replied quietly that they were just two human beings sharing stories as two adults.
She writes: “I am also happy to tell this story, knowing what I would have missed if had their mindset.”
We can only admire Dorys’ spirit of adventure and acceptance of new experiences in life. We look forward to her new book and another fascinating adventure as told as only she can.