Bi-Monthly Comment Box

Sherry Schor, Har-El President, Shares Her Comments On Serving as President of a Reform-Jewish Congregation.

Sherry Concludes Her Second Term as President This Spring, Having Successfully Led Har-El Before and During the Pandemic. 

Dear Congregation HarEI and Friends,

Time passes quickly when you have been enjoying an exhilarating experience. However, as much as I
savored my time as president of HarEI, it is time to “move on”. It has been my profound pleasure to
work with some very bright and committed people. To all of you, I am grateful that your successful
endeavors made me look good. I bask in your glory.

The pandemic years have been a mixed blessing and experience. Through the magic of Zoom, HarEI has kept in touch with its congregants and fostered a closeness that may not have occurred otherwise. We may not have met to eat and pray together but we have met and learned together. We have prayed
together in spirit though our services have been transmitted by modern media. We have created and
fostered a spiritual kinship that makes HarEI a special place. HarEI is more than a place to pray which is important. It is a place to offer thoughts; a place to learn; a place to interact with others.

As president, I have had an amazing experience. I have met and interacted with so many people—those with similar thoughts as mine and those with diverse thoughts. Together we have m.oved forward and bonded. All these elements forge our commitment to Judaism and its tenets with a new fervor and understanding. Growth has been the backbone of our HarEI commitment.
I thank all I have worked with for doing what they did in such an energetic manner. Our future is bright because of them. The list is long but the space to write is short. The spirit of Judaism and commitment to ideas and values move HarEI. Our clergy and congregation are that moving force. Our future belongs to our new officers and leaders.

Thank you again for “making me look good.”

Sherry Schor