“Ask the Rabbi”

A special feature of Har-El is “Ask the Rabbi.” In March, 2020, at the outbreak of the Coronavirus Pandemic, Rabbi Zionts inaugurated a daily column, Monday through Thursday, which he sends out to over 450 people in the congregation and general community. It was and still is, a way of connecting with our congregants and offering some adult Jewish education. The “Ask the Rabbi” columns are brief and concise and consist of responses to questions about Judaism and Jewish history asked by our members and general community. The word Rabbi in Hebrew means “my Master” (in the sense of a master of Jewish knowledge) or “My Teacher” and is a title of learning granted by a rabbinical seminary. Over the many centuries, people have submitted questions to rabbis dealing with Jewish law, history and practice. “Ask the Rabbi” is Har-El’s modern version of this ancient and still relevant custom.